MeesPierson the Private Bankers of Fortis

the Private Bankers of Fortis

MeesPierson is the private banking business line of Fortis.

We operate on three continents, providing an international perspective combined with extensive local expertise. As one of Europe's top ten private banks, our key competencies lie in investment, structuring & trusts, finance and insurance.

Fortis is an international financial service provider active in insurance, banking and investment. A leader in its home market -the Benelux countries- the Group offers a broad range of financial services to individuals, companies and the public sector.
Its operations are organised in business lines that make the customer the centre of attention.

MeesPierson, the Private Bankers of Fortis, operate as a single cross-border firm-one company with EUR 66 billion in assets under management and 2,700 employees in 13 countries.

Private Banking House
3, boulevard Roosevelt
L-2951 Luxembourg

Tel: +352 4242 2234

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