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  • City and County of Denver
  • Denver, Colorado
  • May 07, 2019
Full Time Internship non-profit management Public Safety

Job Description

About Our Job

About Our Job

Posting will close on Tuesday July 30, 2019.

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The purpose of the Denver Police Chaplains' Program is to provide spiritual and emotional guidance and counseling to all members of the Denver Police Department, both sworn and civilian, and their families in time of need.

The DPD Chaplain's role is that of being a representative of God and/or their particular denominational or credentialing body. It is the DPD Chaplain's responsibility to assist all Officers or their family members, upon request, on matters that fall within the Chaplain's purview. The DPD Chaplain's role is not that of a Police Officer and the Chaplain should not interfere in any way with an Officer in the performance of his/her duties and must be subject to the authority of any on duty officer they may be with.


The DPD Chaplains Program consists of volunteer clergy and chaplains that are available on the basis of need and desire:
  • The DPD Chaplains Program exists to support the Denver Police Department and does not offer chaplaincy services to the general public, until authorized to do so by the Chief of Police or the Volunteers in Police Service Administrator.
  • The Chaplaincy services are optional and are available by request.
  • Chaplaincy is a Ministry of Presence and not an opportunity to proselytize.
  • The Chaplain Program is religiously neutral until the person in need requests religious information or insight.
  • The Chaplain is not intended to replace any individual's personal faith nor their clergy. Some officers may have a faith base and minister, while others may not. Chaplains will meet the officers and their families "right where they are at and in their time of need."
  • Every effort will be made to try to accommodate the religious/spiritual preferences of those individuals being served, including contacting specific religious practitioners that may be requested from time to time.
  • Chaplains often respond to Police emergencies and support the officers and their families when in need, as directed by the Head Chaplain, VIPS Program Administrator, or Sgt. of the Chaplaincy Program.
  • Chaplains will provide guidance, counseling and comfort in times of crisis, as directed.
  • The Chaplain will serve with confidentiality and credibility.

About You

About you

Required Qualifications:
  • Be Ecclesiastically Endorsed - An Ecclesiastical Endorsement is the written acknowledgement by a faith/chaplaincy group/denomination that an individual is in good standing and meets the qualifications for clergy/chaplaincy credentials with their faith/chaplaincy group/denomination.
  • Have a minimum of five (5) years of ministry or chaplaincy experience.
  • Chaplains can be:
    • Full-time or retired clergy duly ordained, licensed, commissioned or appointed by their church, synagogue, or religious body.

  • Clergy trained individuals with Chaplain specific training and certification.

  • Ordained/licensed religious leader or clergy with professional experience with a religious organization or social service agency.
  • Be a member of or able to meet the requirements of and be accepted for membership in a Departmental approved chaplaincy training & development organization such as The Rocky Mountain Police Chaplains (RMPC) or the International Conference of Police Chaplains (ICPC). This includes completion of a minimum level of training as determined by the Department.
  • Be willing to serve in a capacity of being available on a 24/7/365 basis as necessary.
  • It is preferred that candidates possess at minimum an Associate Degree or equivalent and 60 additional hours of theological, ministerial or chaplaincy training. However, commensurate life experience and training may be acceptable.


All prospective Chaplains must be willing to submit to a completed application, undergo an extensive background investigation, including CCIC/NCIC and driving history, social media and google check.

Chaplains are considered volunteers and serve in a non-sworn capacity. Chaplains shall be regulated by policies pertaining to the use of volunteers.

Chaplains must adhere to the rules of confidentiality as set forth by the State of Colorado and the Denver Police Department.

All new Chaplains, will serve the Chaplains' Program on a probationary basis for a minimum of six (6) months. This time may be extended.


The department will attempt to cover certain expenses related to being a DPD Chaplain such as, uniforms, certain equipment, etc. Funds are not always available for expense reimbursement. Accordingly, Chaplain's may bear the full cost of these items.

Application Instructions: All interested Chaplains should apply to this position and must attach the following:
  • Written ecclesiastical endorsement from his/her faith/chaplaincy group/denomination and a copy of their ordination/licensing certificate and/or Professional Chaplain Certification.
  • Copy of your driver's license
  • Signed Certification, Authorization and Waiver regarding Background Check
  • Completed "New Volunteer Identification Card Request" Form

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