Police Officer (Lateral)

  • City of Sacramento, CA
  • Sacramento, California
  • May 19, 2019
Full Time Public Safety
  • Salary: $69,647.29 - $93,334.03 Annually

Job Description


Please Note: a candidate must successfully pass a thorough background investigation, including a criminal history check for job-related convictions, fingerprinting, polygraph test, credit check, and a drug use history to be considered for this position.

You must have experience as a Police Officerwith a law enforcement agency to qualify for this position. Please review "Qualifications - Lateral Entry" within this job announcement.

Police Officer (Lateral) duties may consist of patrolling a designated area of the city, answering radio dispatches or citizens' requests for police services, conducting investigations, testifying in court, providing traffic control, attending community meetings, evaluating and controlling violent situations and subjects, providing first aid, driving vehicles under hazardous and emergency conditions, and training new employees in proper police procedures. Police officers may be assigned to work any shift.

To provide services through the enforcement of laws and ordinances.

The classification of Police Officer is a journey level classification assigned full arrest and citation powers under the California Penal Code. Police Officer is distinguished from the Police Cadet classification in that it has full police authority to carry out the enforcement of laws and ordinances while the latter is a recruiting and training-level classification with no police authority. Police Officer is distinguished from the Police Sergeant classification in that it is a journey level classification which has no supervisory responsibilities except for training new employees while the latter has supervisory responsibility and directs work of subordinate personnel on a continual basis. Police Officers receive assignments and special instruction from higher ranking officers who also review the Police Officer's work.

General supervision is provided by higher level sworn personnel.


Depending upon assignments, duties may include, but are not limited to the following:
  • Patrol a designated area of the city on foot, on a motorcycle, or in a patrol car, jeep or van to preserve order, prevent crime and discover criminal acts, and make arrests.
  • Answer radio dispatched or citizens' request for police services at accident scenes, domestic disputes, law violations, and peace disturbances.
  • Conduct investigations, gather evidence, interview witnesses, take statements, make arrests, or write citations and make written reports at crime or accident scenes.
  • Testify in court at criminal hearings and trials.
  • Provide traffic control at accident scenes, fires, and congested areas.
  • May work in plain clothes to conduct follow-up investigations, and to suppress vice or narcotics activities.
  • Conduct lineups for identification of suspects.
  • Attend community meetings to discuss crime problems.
  • Evaluate and control violent situations and subjects.
  • Order and direct emergency equipment at accident and disaster scenes.
  • Search for missing subjects.
  • Drive vehicles under hazardous and emergency conditions.
  • Train new employees in proper police procedures.
  • Provide first aid to injured or sick subjects.
  • Perform related duties as assigned.



Knowledge of:
  • Federal, state, and city codes and ordinances relating to law enforcement.
  • Modern approved principles and procedures of police work.
  • Department rules and regulations.
  • General Orders and directives.
  • City streets and principal locations.
  • Court and evidence procedures.
  • Court decisions affecting police practices.
  • Radio procedures.

Ability to:
  • Express him/herself in English in a clear, distinct, and understandable manner when speaking to individuals, to people of different socio-economic levels, before various public and community groups, and when testifying in court.
  • Write clearly, accurately, concisely, and legibly using correct English, grammatical construction, and spelling.
  • Read and interpret complex technical documents in English.
  • Understand and carry out oral and written instructions.
  • Observe, assimilate, remember, record, and recall pertinent facts and details.
  • Read maps and mapped information.
  • Apply selected knowledge (i.e., laws, statutes, court decisions, department policies, criminal investigation theories, etc.) in collecting, organizing, and analyzing a variety of information in order to decide on an appropriate and reasonable course of action.
  • Deal with people of different socio-economic levels without arousing their antagonism.
  • Analyze problems and rationally and calmly take effective action in emergency and stress situations.
  • Plan and effectively present material orally to diverse groups.
  • Deal courteously but firmly with the general public.
  • Establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with co-workers and other City employees.
  • Use firearms safely and accurately.
  • Climb barriers, jump obstacles, and perform strenuous physical activities.
  • Control resisting subjects with a minimum of force necessary to effect an arrest.

Skill in:
  • Driving a vehicle under hazardous conditions.
  • The use of ancillary police weaponry and weaponless defense.
  • The use of first-aid, including Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation techniques.


*LATERAL ENTRY* - (1)High school diploma or G.E.D. equivalent and completion of sixty (60) semester units, or ninety (90) quarter units from an accredited college or university;AND(2)Possession of a valid P.O.S.T. Basic Certificate issued by the State of California;AND(3)Current employment as a full- time sworn peace officer in a California P.O.S.T. certified law enforcement department; and two (2) years as a full-time sworn peace officer in a California P.O.S.T certified law enforcement department.


Must be at least 2l years of age by the date of appointment.

Must be a citizen of the United States by the date of appointment.

Driver License:
Possession of a valid California Class C Driver license at the time of appointment. Loss of the license is cause for discipline.

Respiratory Protective Equipment:
Work in this class requires wearing respiratory protective equipment at times. When assigned to such work, facial hair must be shaven when it interferes with the safe fitting of respiratory protective equipment.

Felony Convictions:
Free of felony convictions under California Government Code Section 1029.

Residency Requirement:
Employees in this classification must reside within thirty-five (35) air miles from the freeway interchange at W-X Streets, 29th - 30th Streets within one year following appointment.


Employees must complete eighteen (18) months of probation at a satisfactory performance level prior to gaining permanent status.


1. Application Review:(Pass/Fail) - All applicants must complete and submit a City of Sacramento employment application and a valid P.O.S.T. Basic Certificate issued by the State of California to the City of Sacramento Employment Office and a completed Supplemental Questionnaire. All necessary paperwork must be submitted before the application will be considered. Incomplete applications will not pass the application review; omitted information cannot be considered or assumed.

We will be communicating with you by email (so make certain that you have a valid address that you check frequently - including your spam or junk folders).

2. Supplemental Questionnaire: (Pass/Fail): - In addition to the City of Sacramento employment application, all applicants must complete and submit online responses to the supplemental questionnaire to the City of Sacramento Employment Office by the final filing deadline:
  • Response(s) to the supplemental questionnaire must be submitted online; paper questionnaires will not be accepted.
  • Incomplete supplemental questionnaires will not pass the review process, omitted information cannot be considered or assumed.
  • A resume will not substitute for the information required in the supplemental questionnaire.

3. Oral Interview Test:(100%) - The oral interview test will consist of job-related questions. The Oral Interview Test is administered by the Sacramento Police Department.

4. Physical Agility Test:(Pass/Fail) - Lateral applicants who pass the oral interview test will be required to pass the physical agility test which includes several sequential events that must be completed within a specified time and point limit. The Physical Agility Test is administered by the Sacramento Police Department.

5.Background Process:If considered for appointment, candidates must pass a background investigation, which includes a criminal history check, fingerprinting, polygraph test, credit check, and drug use history.

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